Christoffer Niska

Tech Leader

Hello there,

I am a technology professional that loves innovation and technology. I write quite a lot of code and my specialty is building software with modern web technologies that are both easy to understand and maintain. During my career, I have worked with a lot of different programming languages, and currently, my go-to language is TypeScript. Within the past years, I have studied languages including Kotlin, ReasonML, Go, Rust, and Haskell.

During the day, I work as Technical Lead at Tesseract Investment where I lead the development for one of our partner facing products. Tesseract Investment is a forerunner in the cryptocurrency lending business. We have extended hundreds of millions in credit, and within the digital lending space we are one of the oldest operators in existence.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my loved ones, watch tv-series or play board games. My favorite drink is coffee, but sometimes I also enjoy a glass of red wine.


  • Technical Lead, Tesseract Investment

    June 2021Present · 4 mos

    Full-stack development with TypeScript, Node.js, REST, RabbitMQ, and Postgres. I lead the development for one of our partner facing products.

  • Technical Lead, Sightful

    December 2020May 2021 · 6 mos

    Full-stack development with TypeScript, React, Next.js, Apollo, GraphQL, and Dgraph. I am responsible for everything technology related.

  • Technical Advisor,

    June 2020Present · 1 yr 4 mos

    Advising, due diligence, mentoring, code review, and problem-solving.

  • Technology Evangelist, Compile

    September 2019November 2020 · 1 yr 2 mos

    I am responsible for our technology stack, managing our technical skillset, and helping our consultants improve their skills. Occasionally I also do some consultant work for our clients.

  • Head of Technology, Digia

    May 2017August 2019 · 2 yrs 4 mos

    Together with my colleagues, I planned and developed a new digital publishing platform for a client that replaced more than ten different legacy systems. For this, we built micro-services using technologies such as React, Apollo, GraphQL, Express, Laravel, Contentful, and Elastic.

  • Chief Technology Officer, Nord Software

    June 2012April 2017 · 4 yrs 11 mos

    I managed a team of nearly fifty developers working on various client projects. I improved our development processes by defining best practices, creating boilerplates, and building development tools. I also planned and delivered tens of client projects using technologies such as JavaScript, React, React Native, GraphQL, Serverless, Express, and Laravel. For this, we used concepts like Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development, and Extreme Programming.

  • Software Engineer, Nord Software

    November 2008May 2012 · 3 yrs 7 mos

    I led a large client project with a SCRUM team of up to eight developers and participated in both development and design. I also redesigned and developed the consumer user interface of a large client project using JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype, HTML, and CSS.


  • Bachelor in Engineering, Arcada University of Applied Sciences

    September 2004Present

    The main focus of my studies has been programming in general. During my studies, I have written programs in quite a few languages such as Assembly, Bash, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, and Perl. I have been absent quite a lot from my studies due to work.